Director and Lead Therapist

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Wendy Pegan, LMHC, NBCC, CCMHC

Hello and Welcome! I'm Wendy, Founder and Director of Artemis Mental Health Counseling and the Creative Relationship Center. I'm a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Divorce Mediator, Family Business Mediator, and maybe my favorite: an Enneagram Couples Coach.  

As a young therapist, I thought I knew what I needed to know in order to be a good therapist. What I didn't know is how drastically my own life would change throughout the years. Each hurdle, roadblock and devastation offered me the opportunity to achieve more confidence, set healthier boundaries, gain self-acceptance, and get an education that would reshape my life much differently than I ever imagined. I have had my share of financial and marital dishonesty, spousal gaslighting, difficult relationship problems, and divorce.

I am certainly not the people-pleasing, anxious little girl of the past.  Having to restart my practice 3 times while being a single parent for many years, I realized that regret, anger and guilt are a complete waste of time. 

After a bad head-on collision, followed by months of healing from broken bones, punctured lungs and a concussion, I wondered what the Universe had in store for me next! I realized, while recovering in a hospital bed, that all the starts and stops in life are meant as a journey of lessons --each one fulfilling a purpose in its own way, even if it was not what we'd hoped for. 

For everyone, our own journey of lessons presents an opportunity to integrate our past with our present, so that we can heal and learn to accept our lives in a more positive and productive way.

After over 35 years of Relationship Work, I know how vulnerable we become when our intimate relationships are unstable.  A damaged relationship can cause depletion of financial assets, loss of friends and family support, physical and emotional illnesses…even the loss of your family home.

My purpose is to help couples get to the core of their issues: to grow, understand, connect and be heard with dignity and integrity. Learning to ‘unstick’ ourselves from past destructive relationship styles and relate more honestly and clearly, gives us the tools for an incredibly successful future. Becoming our authentic selves gives us the strength to find our purpose.

On a more personal note, I love to write, dance, garden, make herbal medicine, practice Reiki and hypnotherapy, and have fun being the radio voice of many local businesses. I am the mother of 6 amazing children, and grandmother of 2 of the smartest and cutest children in the world!

So -- let's co-create a life for you, too!

Here’s to improving the most important relationships of your life. Wishing you hope, love and peace on your journey,


Therapist, Coach, Mediator and life-long student of relationships.