Office Policies

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Weekly sessions generally run 45-55 minutes in length. Couples therapy can run up to 90 minutes in length. Check-ins will run 30 minutes. In some cases, couples sessions will be two hours in length depending on the distance traveled and the particular program you are in.


We require a full 48-hour notice, with except of a personal emergency if you need to cancel. The full session rate will be charged for all missed appointments unless you are able to reschedule your session within the same week as the missed appointment.


Artemis Mental Health Counseling is HIPAA complaint. All of your sessions are considered confidential, and nothing will be released or discussed without your knowledge and consent. Exceptions to this are the following: the potential of harm to yourself or others. The State of New York requires that all mental health professionals report suspected cases of abuse and/or neglect.


In the event of a dangerous or threatening emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. You may also contact crisis services at 716-834-3131.

Health Insurances

Some of us accept insurance. Others are "Out of Network" providers only. 

If we do not cover your insurance, we will provide you with a statement containing the necessary coding that will be acceptable to your insurance company. You can submit or we can, however payment would be due on that day. 

Please contact your insurance company for information regarding your "out of network" benefits. (Please see FAQ’s for more information). You can also try our link to Mentaya to see if you qualify for "Out of Network" reimbursement.  

Click here to check your insurance benefits with Mentaya.


All payments are due at the time of your visit. We keep a credit card on file at all times for your convenience and proper invoicing. You may also pay by check, Health Savings Accounts or cash.

Routine Contact

We understand that sometimes it’s necessary to contact your therapist between sessions. Please try to contact them by email or by phone at our main number 446-9226. Please leave your full name and number spoken clearly and your therapist will get back to you within 24-48 hours.