Enneagram Coaching

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One of the most important questions we ask ourselves in life is "who are we"? What is our identity and how does that identity influence our interactions with other people?

At some point we limit our self-discovery. In order to protect ourselves, we our egos and our shadow sides, we wear a mask.  This mask serves as as a sort of protection from the inevitable rejection, fear, and shame that society doles out to us over the course of our lives. It hides our true essences from others and ourselves. The Enneagram is an ancient tool which helps understand who we are on a much deeper level.

Our partner can help us to understands ourselves better because they mirror our behaviors, our likes, dislikes and differences. We fight it because it can feel as if they are also rejecting us. But a partnership that understands who they are and who their partner is, is more resilient and capable of getting through more difficult times. They are more open and vulnerable, giving them the capability to be authentic and accepting.

The Enneagram is a wonderful tool to use with couples, and in businesses. It is used all over the world to help us be able to relate and be understood.