Strengthen Your Relationship Through Our Couples Counseling in East Amherst, NY

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Do you feel like your relationship is at a standstill? Are you and your partner stuck in the same argument loop every night? Do you feel like you and your partner are drifting away? Do you desire more intimacy between you and your partner? 

All things can be improved, changed, and bettered with just a little support, no matter how big or small. With couples therapy at Artemis Counseling and Wellness, you’ll learn how to communicate your feelings and needs, and get what you want out of your relationship. Our services are available virtually and in-person to clients in the East Amherst, New York, area. 

What Brings You to Couples Therapy?

Despite what some may think, couples counseling is not only for married couples on the brink of divorce. In fact, it can be helpful for every couple, from partners that are not yet married to those in untraditional relationships to spouses who have been married for several decades. Some reasons that bring couples to Artemis Counseling and Wellness are: 

  • Addiction/Partner Addiction Support 

  • Intimacy issues/Mismatched libidos 

  • Pre-marital/Marriage readiness 

  • Balance (Work/Life/Family) 

  • Blended Families 

  • Chronic Illness 

  • Divorce 

  • Extended Family 

  • Infidelity/Cheating 

  • Mental Illness 

  • Addiction (Pornography, Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, etc.) 

Couples counseling sessions help people develop the necessary skills to build a strong foundation and maintain sustaining love moving forward. If any of the above relate to you and your partner in your relationship, contact Artemis Counseling and Wellness today to get started with a free consultation. You’ll quickly see why our East Amherst practice is one of the top sources for couples therapy in the area.