• Have you tried solving problems in your life and realized you need help from someone else?

• Have things gone from bad to worse?

• Have you considered seeking help for months, if not years?

We're glad you're here!

Life can feel crazy at times! We all know it!

It can also be relieving to realize that we don't have to have all the answers.

Stress, jobs, anger, anxiety, depression, marriages/relationships, kids, infidelity, aging parents, divorce, business, illnesses....the list goes on and on.

We all journey through life ... but you don't have to go on yours alone!

We understand the differences between sympathizing, empathizing and validating.

Here at Artemis, we're pretty authentic people. We've all been through struggles in life ... just like you. Walking through these experiences wasn't easy, but it was invaluable to both our personal and professional lives.

We'll work to address your struggles and together, we'll find long-lasting strategies to help you get closer to the life you’ve always wanted.

We won't lead you.

We walk with you on your journey...

helping you find your way back home.

When will you begin the long journey into yourself?
~ Rumi

Don’t be afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.
~ Chinese Proverb

Reach out today!

Thank you to our clients for your faith & trust.

Greg B.

My wife and I were so thankful for the times you spent with us. Fearful at first, but your cheerful, calm demeanor and work with the Enneagram made it so easy for us to relax and listen to each other. We are truly gracious for your help! 

Lynn M.

After years of suffering from anxiety, I finally reached out for help. I am so happy I did. De was truly amazing. I can't remember a time I slept so well and got up without feeling sick. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ron W.

As a guy, it took me a long time to finally make the call. From the time I walked in, I felt at ease and knew I had made the right decision. I felt accepted for who I was but recognized I needed to make significant changes for my physical and relational health. I am thankful to my wife for pushing me to work at being a better partner to her and a better dad to my kids.

David M.

Very nice free flowing style that draws out your feelings in a non threatening way. Good listener that enables Wendy to build insight into core issues and arrive at suggestions that really hit the mark. Definitely helpful to me in my effort to best understand core values of my significant other and how to share and promote them into a meaningful and life long relationship.     

Carrie M.

After many attempts to build a successful relationship using the old methods ... talk to friends - read books - complain about the situation, I decided to attend a series of sessions with my significant other to understand who I was and who my partner is.   Wendy helped us to uncover the areas that were of true importance to build a good relationship and talk to each other ... not others.   We have found the sessions very helpful discussing issues that are not always easy to understand.    Our sessions help us to discuss and share in a way that builds a closeness in our relationship.   We take what we learn and use it in our every day lives.I would highly recommend the relationship series to other couples.   

John D.

Love the no nonsense approach of getting to the problem. I appreciated the time, energy and value my therapist gave me when we discussed my addiction. I never felt embarrassed or ashamed when I spoke with her and she helped me to see so many things I wouldn't have been able to see on my own.

Thank you for all your help. My wife and I are better than we've been in years!