High School to College Transition

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Ending a high school career can be both exciting and scary. When the parties are over, the shopping for dorms is done, and the actual move begins. 

Questions often asked are:

What if my parents are divorced and they both want to drop me off?

How do I handle "college days" when they both show up and expect me to spend all my time with each of them separately?

What if no one comes to see me...or I'm homesick?

What if I get lost on campus or don't make any friends?

I have had some panic attacks in the past – what if they begin again?

What happens when my relationships change with my high school friends?

How do I create my own identity?

What if I don’t like the program I’m in, but my parents do?

What if I begin to question my sexuality and gender identity?

If any of these questions are coming up for you, give us a call. Your time with us is completely confidential once you turn 18 and we will continue to see you on telehealth once you make your move to campus and back.